Harvest Home

Harvest Home is the point of embarkation for most adventures within the Lost Kingdoms. Choose a point on the town map to explore more closely. Harvest Home is a small town that makes a meager living through fishing and by providing a safe harbor to the few ships who pass by. This is not primary point of trade for anyone, but sometimes ships seek shelter from the frequent storms in the Boiling Sea. Others stop here to escape the notice of pirates. Still others stop here to escape the notice of pirate hunters.

Harvest Home is a village with very limited resources. Items with a value greater than a few gold pieces are rare. In general, items with a value greater than 50 gold pieces are not available in any shop, although there are often merchants (or pirates) who stop by and they may either have these items personally and be willing to sell them (at an unreasonable markup) or they may be able to get those items although it will take time.

Many adventurers have come to Harvest Home because they have heard rumors of the lost land of Pahal Pahal and of th Soul Warren. This mysterious lost land was discovered not long ago by a group of adventurers who have since settled down permanently in Harvest (or died off). Fal’grid, a devotee of the study of magic was their leader, and he has since been chosen to lead Harvest Home due to his great kindness and generosity. Lena Moonbow, who operates a moon-worshipping cult and family farm, was also prominent in their group, as was the town Baily, Rieta. Only the Wonderous Wingo speaks openly about the horrors they faced, but how much of his tales are truth and how much embellishment or pure fiction, none can say.

Some in the town welcome adventurers, happy to outfit them as best as possible while others scorn all outside intrusion. In any case Harvest Home has become a place to make a name, earn some gold, and begin a career as an adventurer.