Barnes’ Smithy

Barnes Smithy is operated by Barnabus Barnes, a mountain dwarf who has resided in Harvest for many years.
Barnabus does not craft or sell weapons or armor, although he can and will repair anything.
Barnabus is cantankerous but cooperative. He is a visible devotee to Wandeera, often engraving her holy symbol into his work, together with his personal trademark: a hammer over a coin.
Barnabus recently suffered a severe loss when both his assistant Triral, and his long-time friend (and possible lover), Ipsel were slain in the battle with Keep Reachout. Although Barnabus used to be tremendously involved in the civic life of Harvest, he has recently turned to drink and entered a deep depression. He can often be found loitering at the Burly Gnome, Stumpy’s, or Thovila’s.
His old acquaintance Ragnar recently arrived in Harvest, but despite Ragnar’s best efforts Barnabus hasn’t been able to get out of his depression.

Barnabus is completely neutral to all political viewpoints and views conflict as harmful and wasteful. He values life more than money but views money as the means to a good life he does not associate with other dwarves for reasons that remain mysterious. He will do business with anyone but will never traffic in weapons.