The Warehouse district is Harvest’s fastest growing area.

Here the various merchants rent space to store goods that are being processed, usually from ship to ship, although an observant adventurer will realize that some goods are being shipped out over land via caravan.

Asara, a female shadar-kai, is the warehouse supervisor.  She is known to be an arcane spellcaster with access to 3rd level spells, and it is also suspected that she has an invisible familiar.

Asara used to be one of the leaders of Harvest’s “Pirate Republic” but since the battle with Keep Reachout, the pirates have essentially been decimated.  Asara took over for the previous warehouse supervisor, Samol Baruk, after his death in order to keep Harvest functioning.  Asara, although swift to anger, and a no-nonsense boss, is not cruel or inhumane.  

Asara is known to have many contacts with the the criminal world, and in particular is a long time associate with the two other surviving pirate leaders, Feyin Sharkfin, and Simplefoot.  If anyone has information on their whereabouts and activities, it would be Asara.  Asara also has a friendly acquaintanceship with Lina Moonbow and Fal’grid.

Two new warehouses have been recently completed.  Asara is assisted by a female lizardfolk called Sethas.

At night, there is a space reserved for gambling, and a game happens nearly every night–sometimes cards, sometimes dice.  Asara is in the process of building a casino near the docks but that project is yet to be completed.

Livestock pens are attached to the warehouses:


stallion 50gp, mare 30gp, bull 15gp, cow 10gp, hog 5gp, sow 4 gp, duck 5sp, chicken 2sp

Actions here:

  • Hire on as a day laborer earning 2cp plus food.  There is a 25% chance that no work is available on any given day.  The warehouse is closed until after the morning services at the Temple of Waukeen.
  • gamble
  • purchase spellcasting services: price 20gp x spell level