The Pickle Barrel

The Pickle Barrel is operated by a surly female Aasimar called Shindara.  She has little to say beyond answering the basic questions of her customers.  The Hampstead family is Shindara’s main supplier, and many of that crew come and go often at the Pickle Barrel.

Shindara recently entered into an apprenticeship with Fal’grid, and has become his bosom friend.  They are often found together.

Shindara sells food items which have been transported by ship.  She also resells produce, herbs, and items gathered or produced locally.  Her primary focus is on bolstering the profits of local citizens.  She does not seem to like anyone, especially outsiders.

Like so many others in Harvest, Shindara is in the process of building something new–a brewery which is being constructed behind the Pickle Barrel and which will supply a locally made beer.

Shindara also sells goodberries which are produced by her good friend Fal’grid freshly each morning.  These are sold on a sliding scale, ranging from 1 cp to 1 gp, depending on how much an individual can afford.  Harvest has become known as a port at which sailors can find relief from scurvy, and many ships captains will stop at Harvest simply to purchase the berries in order to relieve the suffering of sailors.  

In addition to purchasing services, the following activities are available in the temple (each activity takes 1/2 a day):

  • Attempt friendship with Shindara
  • Check for rumors / tales of interest 
  • Investigate