Fixture Farm

Sometimes called Fixture Town or Fixitville, the Fixture farm can be found a few miles northwest of Harvest Home proper.  It is always a hive of activity where many day laborers come to work the fields or assist with the smithy.

The smithy is operated on a part-time basis by Ragnar, Fal’grid and others, and focuses on the manufacture of weapons and armor in order to offset the refusal of Barnabus Barnes to deal in weaponry. 

This prosperous farm is operated by Lina and Jon Fixture.  They live a simple life with their hired hand Smithson, a male satyr.  Lina is a renowned adventurer, despite her petite appearance and youth.  Jon is assistant Bailey and has proven himself to be terrifying and gallant in battle. Both Jon and Lina have their eyes open to the dangers of Pahal Pahal, having witnessed the death of several friends during their journeys.

In their recent encounter with bandits from an encampment to the north, their horse Nelly was slain and their adopted son Waynright was slain during the battle of Keep Reachout.

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Hire on as a day-laborer: 2 sp/day

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