Stumpy’s is a small “tavern” near the docks operated out of an upturned longboat.  It is operated by a male gnome called Bristle.

Each day Bristle adds a little more to his tavern. His grand dream is to one day own a really nice dockside tavern.

Bristle is new to Harvest Home, having arrived as a sailor, but seeing an opportunity decided to start a business.

Bristle serves the poorest of the poor and the roughest of the rough, those who can’t afford the Shady Oak or who have been kicked out of the Burly Gnome.  The crowd here is rough and tumble.  They don’t come here for the atmosphere or the entertainment–just the booze.

Bristle serves only drinks, no food. He allows sailors to hang their hammock under his “roof” each night so long as they have paid their bar tab.