Burly Gnome Tavern

The Burly Gnome Tavern is the drinking place of the sailors who swarm into port to drink and carouse.  Generally these individuals retain their births on the various vessels they arrived in, so the Burly Gnome has only a common room if someone wishes to stay the night.  Individuals simply hang their hammock or spread out a bedroll for 1 cp per night.

The only dish served at the Burly Gnome is chowder, of which there are two types, fish and clam.  The chowder is served at every meal and served with a wholesome, filling bread alongside mugs of small beer.  All meals are all-you-can-eat, and two of these meals are included in the price of your daily stay.  

Proprietor: Densly Drukas, Human Female.

Densly is assisted by her husband, a half-orc, Glorag, and their eight children (16, 15, 14, 13, 12, 11, 10,  2).  Densly is openly contemptuous of the Fixture family and of their hoity toity fancy pants Shady Oak. “Think’s they’s too good for us hard workin’ folk”.

Activities available in the Burly Gnome (each activity takes 1/2 a day):

  • Attempt friendship with Densly or her family
  • Check for rumors / tales of interest 
  • Chat up newcomers – DM will introduce you to a new, random NPC who will have information
  • Attempt to buy or sell unique items or find information about them.  There are two different options here – request a list of what is available that day from the DM at what price OR make a specific request for  a specific item from the DM
  • If you have the sailor background, you may also hire out as a sailor for either a 10, 20, 30, 90, or 180 day voyage.  You will be paid 2 sp per day and receive 2 xp per day.
  • If you have the criminal background (or similar) you may work here, earning 1 sp per day.  (Essentially you can stay in the inn for free and make a profit).
  • Hire followers, ask the DM for specific rates and what you are looking for.

List of NPCs commonly found at the Burly Gnome

Densley – Human Female mid 30s

Glorag – Half-orc male, age unknown

Raven- age 16 human female, has a good memory for stories and songs and a beautiful singing voice.

Drusila – age 15 half-orc female, has nimble fingers, a charming smile, and no scruples

Neven – age 14 half-orc male, also has nimble fingers and no scruples, but lacks the rest of the family’s charm

Damion – human male age 13

Onyx – human female age 12

Leftar – half-orce male age 11

Samial – human male age 10

Geneveve – half orc female age 2