Academy of Rajul Alhajar Game Master’s Notes


This information is for game master’s only.


The academy can be used for a variety of purposes depending on your campaign and what you require of your players. If you require training between levels or in order to gain perks or feats, that training can be accomplished here.


The building was once the abandoned Temple of Oghma.  Inside the chapel has been sealed in stone. This act of sealing was performed in order to cover the curse brought here through an artifact from Pahal Pahal. If the stone is somehow removed and the artifact uncovered, the High Priest of Vingonlin, the lich in Pahal Pahal’s Palace of the Kings will become alert to its presence and send envoys to Harvest Home to Investigate.

The legend of its miraculous construction, built in a single day through the magical powers of its founder, Desland Immonte, in order to strike a deal with Lina Fixture and the adventurers who opened the Soul Warren.

Shortly after its construction, the temple fell under an evil curse, and Deslande Immonte was taken ill.

After the remaing paladins took in Vincenzzo from the Temple of Pelor while his new temple was being built, Vincenzzo was brutally murdered.  The murder happened the night before the battle with Keep Reachout, so a proper investigation was not able to take place.  Rumors circulate about who killed Vincenzzo or had him killed, and why.

Shortly after, a second brutal double murder also occurred.  This time Desland Immonte was one of the victims, and following her death, the place was abandoned and its occupants set sail for distant shores.

Many in the town believe the temple is haunted still by Desland’s ghost, as most who enter immediately feel a sense of forboding and discomfort.