Academy of Rajul Alhajar

This building was recently purchased at auction by Rajul Alhajar, a mysterious being who was recently dug up during the construction of the foundations of the fortress being built outside of Harvest.

Rajul has the shape of a thin, dexterous humanoid, but he is made completely of stone. His memories extend back only a few months to when he was uncovered during an excavation that was started during the recent piratical incursion when a bold pirate leader thought he would build a fortress near town.

Rajul has turned this building which was originally a temple into a training ground for brave adventurers. Here would-be heros of all kinds can come to meet other like-minded people, outfit themselves for excursions, gather the latest gossip, and register legally binding companies.

Registration at this “adventurer’s guild” is not required, but it is recommended. Rajul will only give information about the Soul Warren and Pahal Pahal to registered groups. In addition, maps and small artifacts can be purchased here, but again these are only for sale to registered adventuring groups.

An additional service Rajul provides is secure storage for weapons and valuables which are not permitted to be openly worn or displayed in public.

The central portion of the building is completely sealed in stone, comprising an area roughly 20 feet square and extending into the ground and up to a height of 10 feet. When asked, Rajul simply states, “The building came that way.”