Ravenna’s Oddeties

Formerly Tamila’s Dry Goods (and before that Zoe’s Emporium), Ravenna’s Oddities sells a wide range of antiques and odd items, in addition to standard adventuring gear. Drusila Drukas, a young half-orc woman, operates Ravenna’s Oddeties. Although she is the daughter of Glorag and Densley Drukas (owners of the Burly Gnome), Drusila is definitely her own woman. Drusila is ambitious, hard-working, and no fool. She makes shrewd deals with the merchants and sailors who come to port and even shrewder deals with any adventurers who stop by. She will buy or sell anything to anyone so long as there is profit it in.

Ravenna’s oddities sells all equipment priced less than 50 gp (except weapons and armor) available in the player’s handbook.

In addition, other items may be present including small magic items or items related to various ruins, ancient temples, etc.

Authenticity of items cannot be guaranteed.  All items sold as-is.