Shady Oak Inn

The Shady Oak inn caters to merchants arriving from various ports around the Sea of Fallen Stars.  Some of these merchants are more reputable than others.  Many merchants stay for weeks at a time as ships are unloaded and reloaded or while waiting for repairs.

Proprietor:  William (Billy) Fixture, human male.

The Shady Oak has several rooms for rent, all of which include meals and housekeeping services for the price of 2 sp per day.  Beverages beyond the 2 pint daily limit go at the rate of 2 cp each.

In addition to Billy, his wife, Trilly and five of his six children (21, 17, 16, 14, 12, 4) are all employed at the Shady Oak.  A half-elf woman (Allara) helps out during busy times. Billy’s oldest son, Jon Fixture is married to Lena Moonbow (a local priestess) and is also the assistant Bailey. Jon and Lena can be found at Lena’s Farm.

Entertainment at the Shady Oak is used to be provided daily by a local duo, headed up by the Wonderous Wingo, but Wingo recently disappeared under mysterious circumstances after attempting to build his own theater.  The remains of the White Wings theater can still be viewed today. A few weeks ago Wingo returned to Harvest Home, and claims to have been kidnapped by centaurs in the nearby forest and that his disappearance and the disappearance of the proposed theater are mere coincidences, though, of course, nobody believes him.

Activities available in the Shady Oak (each activity takes 1/2 a day):

  • Check for rumors / tales of interest
  • Chat up newcomers – DM will introduce you to a new, random NPC who will have information
  • Attempt to buy or sell unique items or find information about them.  There are two different options here – request a list of what is available that day from the DM at what price OR make a specific request for  a specific item from the DM
  • Hire out as a mercenary.  Pays 1 gp per day, requires 30 day commitment.  No adventuring is possible during this time, but you will gain 100 xp.
  • If you have the sailor background (or similar experience), you may also hire out as a sailor for either a 10, 20, 30, 90, or 180 day voyage.  You will be paid 2 sp per day and receive 2 xp per day.
  • If you have the merchant background (or similar) you may work here, earning 1 sp per day above the cost of room and board. You will also earn 1 xp per day.
  • Hire followers, ask the DM for specific rates and what you are looking for. As ships come and go, what you are looking for may not be currently available.

NPCs commonly found here:

  • Billy Fixture – Male Human adult middle age
  • Trilly Fixture – Female Human adult middle age
  • Jane Fixture – Female Human age 16
  • Tillum Fixture – Male Human age 13
  • Hensley Fixture – Female Human age 12
  • Jackbert Fixture – Male Human age 4
  • Random NPCs are often found here.