Burly Gnome Game Master Notes


This section is for Game Masters only. If you are not running the campaign, please leave now.


Players who do some investigation may discover some secrets about the Burly Gnome and its occupants:

Glorag Drukas, the semi-drunk, apparently lazy, no-good husband to the hard-working Densley Drukas is in reality the mastermind behind all criminal activity in Harvest Home. In reality he is never actually drunk, sleeps late only because he is usually working all night, and is a very attentive father and husband.

In his former life Glorag Drukas was a successful adventurer and assassin for hire but has since gone into hiding and accepted a semi-retired life far from settled lands. He operated secretly under the name “Night Eye” and messages can still reach him under that name.

Glorag is currently working many secret plots in order to take control of the pirates who are attacking shipping lanes around Harvest Home. He wants to bring the violence under control so that shipping and trade can be successful but more importantly so that trade can be more profitable locally. Glorag is intelligent, patient, and has access to both magic and steel. As an ally he can prove to be extremely helpful and as an enemy extremely dangerous.

Densley Drukas knows about her husband’s past, but only in general terms. She is shrewd, cunning, and completely loyal to him. She will do anything to protect her children and build a better future for them, and fully supports Glorag’s plans to build Harvest into the center of a trade empire with their family at the top.

Suggested D&D stats for Glorag Drukas:

Rogue 7 Warlock 7

Suggested D&D Stats for Densley Drukas:

Rogue 5

Other NPCs with unique stats:

Raven- 16, Bard 1

Drusila – 15 – Rogue 1

Neven – 14 – Rogue 1