Temple of Wandeera

The religion of Wandeera has almost entirely disappeared from the world, but here in Harvest, a small temple dedicated to the goddess of trade has survived.

The temple was operated by Ipsel Mylina, a half-elf woman, until her untimely death in the recent battle.  She was also assisted by two acolytes, Biren and Yssena, but they also perished.  The day to day operations of the temple have been taken over by the clerk, Keyleth, a female eladrin, who recently arrived to Harvest. Keyleth is not very well-known around town as she keeps mostly to herself, and there is a general, mild, suspicion of elves and fey in Harvest Home.  With Ipsel’s death, the post of magistrate is vacant but the duties are being carried on by Billy Fixture.

Ragnar, an adventurer and recent arrival and adept of Waukeen, has taken over the ceremonial and religious duties of the temple, although he does not handle the day to day affairs.

Religious rites to Waukeen are performed daily at dawn by Ragnar, and most businesses do not open until after services are completed.  

The temple offers the following services:

Spell casting: 10gp x spell level up to 2nd level cleric spells.  Some spells require 24 hour notice before casting.  Some spell castings may be refused.

All magical healing will be referred to Fal’grid, a local adventurer, scholar, and handyman.

Healing (non-magical): 1 gp per attempt to do the following: restore 1 hp, treat a poison (ends poison effect), treat disease (stops disease progress, may cure it).

Notary/scribe/legal services: 1 to 10 gp, depends upon the type of agreement involved.  Essentially any type of contract may be written here.  The clerk will also oversee negotiations for a price.